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Hunting has been around for centuries. In almost all countries, it has been practiced for a long time. However, now, hunting is considered illegal. Right or not, people still love to hunt, and friends usually plan it together. For such gatherings, there are a lot of things you need to carry with you. One of these backpacks must be your choice as the best hunting backpack under 100 if you want an easy and reliable journey along with all your stuff.

Is hunting ethical?

In the majority of the countries, it has been banned. The animal rights movements and communities have worked hard to refrain from this practice. However, if we consider food webs and chains, hunting is rendered beneficial. It controls the number of species and helps balance the ecosystem. The issue arises when people use this practice for their own greed. For this reason, many countries have hunting seasons. These are the times when people are allowed to hunt.

Hunting season in the United States comprises two forms. Open season is when some specific species are legally allowed to be hunted. This is authorized and controlled by wildlife conservation law, which varies state-wise and population-wise. The tenure or time of the season is not fixed. When some species’ populations are at their peak, the season is officiated, and people are permitted to hunt them.

The other form is the closed season. And as the name implies, when the open season ends, the closed season begins. In this season, several species are banned for hunting. The reason for this ban can be their endangerment in the region or their reproduction cycle. Usually, the animals undergoing breeding are kept from being hunt. Also, when populations are low, or animal resources are scarce, it is forbidden to hunt them.

In recent days, pandas and elephants’ population has been declined exponentially. Measures have been taken at the world level to keep these animals safe and prevent the species from extinction.

Hunting is a fun and remunerative sport

elk hunting

Hunting has been a hot and controversial topic since the wildlife protective campaigns have raised voice against it. Examining the sport, many organizations have thoroughly researched it, and the majority of the results favor hunting. Over-hunting is never acceptable, but hunting as a sport is supported by researchers.

Hunting helps you in physical exercise. People have to scrape the woods and use all of their senses to locate the species. This takes a lot of effort and time and requires human power. It helps in maintaining human health.

Secondly, hunting is quite nutritious. According to research, no other sport is both physically and nutritionally beneficial. People who hunt usually have to spend a day or two in the woods. Hence, they carry food with them. But for passion-driven people, they hunt to consume. They locate the prey, hunt it down, and eat it in the woods or after bringing it home. This food is highly nutritious and helps in their physical and muscular strength.

Elks – the largest deer species

Elk hunting is a tedious and worthy task. These are the largest deer species. A bull elk has an approximate weight of 800 pounds, whereas the cow weighs about 450 pounds. This much meat is delicious to even think of. 

Elk hunting is a professional hunter’s favorite task. It requires hard work, a lot of patience, and can turn out to be a painful process. The biggest risk in elk hunting comes when you don’t aim it rightly. You can miss the shot, and it may or may not kill any other animal. However, your concern is that the target is missed. And this should not be happening.

Being patient is the key to success in elk hunting. It can take a lot of time and hence you may need to carry a lot of things with you. For this purpose, it is wise to carry the best hunting backpack for elk hunt, so you can keep all your stull into one comfy place. 

Elk Hunting

Elks are found in the high rocky areas and are not very common. Also, they are far larger than the usual deer. Hunting elk is like a noble prize for every hunter. This species got banned for hunting, but later, due to conservation efforts, the species has regained population count, and it is allowed to hunt in some specific states of the US.

We have talked about the difficulty in hunting them, but we haven’t discussed why this is the case. Well, as expected from deer, they are quite motile. They do not stay at a place for a long time. Along with agility, they are gifted with heightened senses. Their sight, hearing, and smelling sense allows them to escape easily if the hunter isn’t a trained professional.

They move so quickly that in no time they can be far ahead of the hunter. Therefore, locating them and aiming at them is a challenging task. The hunter must be equipped with the best and must be ready, physically, and mentally for this exercise. The best hunting daypack for elk hunt can help a great deal in the preparation of elk hunting. 

Elk bugling – setting a trap

Elks are not easy to trace. To get to them, setting a trap is important. Elk calling is one such trap. Like every other animal species, elks interact through different sounds. Hunters, the experienced ones, duplicate such sounds and call upon these elks. Mistaking the sounds for real ones, an elk may appear (if present), and a target can be aimed at.

The sounds that are usually faked are:

  • Barking: Not like the dogs, elks have their barking patterns. These sounds are produced by the elks when they are alarmed or threatened by something. When this sound is heard, it means the elk is endangered, and the rest of them come for help.
  • Squeaking: This whiny sound is usually of two bulls, but a lot similar is the sound of the cow elk. The more you are in the profession, the better you can differentiate the sounds
  • High-pitched bugle: These are for mating preferences.
  • Flunking and chuckling

Some hunters spot the area of a high probability of finding an elk, reach it, and wait to hear any of the above sounds. There are many other sounds, but these are some of the indicators that confirm the presence of an elk or a herd of them. The hunters usually stay at the place and wait for such sounds. Once they hear any of the sounds, they prepare their ammunition.

Hunters usually use amplifiers which they place in many trees or on the ground to hear the elks better. However, many other hunters lure elks by making one of these sounds. There are many other ways to lure an elk into a trap set by the hunter. But this is the trivial and common method. Bugling is the preferable trap sound. One important thing after making the sound is staying quiet and let the elk come to you. If they are alarmed, or sense something, running away is their first option.

Every time is not the right time for elk hunting

Just like every other thing in the world, there is a specific time at which you can find elks relatively easily. The seasons officiated for this hunt are the best as they are legalized after a lot of research and validation. These are usually the months of September and October. Now, the seasons also vary for different types of hunting. For archers, September is the peak time, but for rifle hunters, mid-October is the time when they can get lucky.

This is the time when most of the elks are done with the breeding practice. Going hunting too late can cause trouble for hunters as elks cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. So in winters, they head out to preferable habitats and do not come out often. 

Hunting techniques

Hunters usually go for elk-hunting following two protocols. One is the typical calling upon and stalking the animal, and finally making a move. The other one is pouncing on the animals. The latter is not a well-known or favored technique. This is because it involves a lot of stakes and risks, and if you are not in-practice, this method is simply not for you.

Also, ambush hunting is not liked because it contradicts patience. And as said earlier, patience is the key to success in elk hunting. You need to be focused, dedicated, and mentally ready for the hunt. Hence, stalking is a trivial and correct method.

Elk hunting – the long and short of it

Conclusively, one needs to first prepare themselves for hunting. Getting your backpack ready is one of the great deals. A waterproof hunting backpack can be of great help if it is expected to rain. This can save you from ruining your hunting stuff and can keep them safe along with the backpack. After preparation, scout the area where the elk herds are supposed to be. Once you are familiar with the area, practice aiming, and shooting. Then, you are all set for the real hunt.

What do you need a backpack for?

If you are a messy person, hunting can be difficult for you, but luckily backpacks are the ultimate saviors. These are used to carry all of your important stuff you may need for the hunt. Backpacks are usually bought for trips or schools. But hunting backpacks are specifically made and sold for hunt purposes. The question arises, what stuff you may need for the hunt? When you plan hunting, you must know one thing. 

Once you are in the woods or out for hunting, you cannot turn back unless you’ve achieved the goal. This is because, if you come back after some time, all of your scouting can go in vain. Because of the dynamics of the living world change drastically. And you cannot expect a herd to stay put. Resultantly, when setting out for hunting, you cannot afford to leave any crucial item at home. Some of the things necessary to carry in your backpack are:


Carrying water is necessary for any of the trips you take. Long or short, trip or hunt, any in every voyage, demands you to stay hydrated. In the woods, you may feel the thirst more because of the environment. And, therefore, carrying two water bottles along is a must. Also, when you plan your hunt, you plan the minimum and maximum tenure of the process. According to it, you can decide how much water you will need with you. 

Backpacks with distinct water bottle carriers are the top rated hunting backpacks. Modern backpacks are compatible with hydration, keeping in focus that they are for hunting purposes.

A compass

If you are out hunting in a barren land, you may not need a compass. But, if you are not experienced, or you are in the woods, there is no way of reaching the target without the help of a compass. Cent percent chances are there that you may get lost in the forest. And if you are not carrying a compass in your backpack, you may have to scout the woods for hours before you can find your way out.

Having a GPS unit is also a modern option, and it can be of more help, but old is gold. The magnetic compasses can work forever; they don’t need batteries or finite resources. Also, deeper in the woods, there are chances that a GPS unit may not work. To refrain from further discomfort and dreadful experiences, one needs to keep a compass and may carry a GPS unit. So, both can be of use as per requirements.


You are going hunting; going to the land of the animals. There, you are uninvited guests, and you are not there with the right intentions.

Obviously, you can be attacked. If you plan to stay somewhere in the woods, even for a few hours, be sure to carry a knife with you. People may question that if we already have a rifle, why would we need a knife?

This is indeed a silly question when you need to take quick actions; your rifle won’t work. Rifles are for aiming and shooting, and when you are under threat, may it be of any kind, there is no time for any of these. A quick response is necessary, and only a knife can be of help.


A rope has multiple functions. It can be used to tie things with a tree. It can be used to tie the tent if you plan to stay longer. Ropes can help you climb trees and mountains in case of dangers or if you want to look for the prey from an altitude.

Ropes can be tied around the animal you killed, making it easy to pull the animal to your preferred location. Scrutinizing through these perks, you cannot afford to lose your rope at home.

Your first aid kit

You never know what is out in the dark waiting for you. Along with animals, your hunting avenue is full of other life. Insects, parasites, and other predators can cause unexpected harm to you, and you must be prepared for immediate medical treatment. If you do not carry your first aid kit with you, the results can be detrimental.

A few things that must be present in your medical kit are:

  • Pain relievers
  • Instant medications
  • Bandages
  • Alcohol swaps
  • Disinfectants
  • Sanitizers
  • Duct tape
  • A cord or rope
  • A lighter or matchbox
  • Anti-irritants
  • Antiseptic gels or scrubs (iodopovidone)
  • Cotton
  • Scissors

Carrying all of this can be of help. You must not forget the medical kit, for it can be dangerous. If you get cut, and an infection occurs, there are chances of serious out-turns.

Lighters are not only useful for disinfection or sterilization, but they also guide you about the direction of the wind. It can also help in starting a fire when needed.


If you get lost or your hunt is delayed, and it gets dark, nothing is more helpful than a torch. People may think that mobile phones can be used as they have flashlights. But once they face the situation, they realize that they cannot be more wrong. 

Torches have much more light than mobile flashlights. Also, mobile phones can run out of batteries, and then your only source of connection to the world is also gone. Hence keeping a separate flashlight is important.

Game calls

Earlier, we talked about hunters mimicking animals’ sounds to set a trap. This is not easy without game calls. These are the devices used for mimicking sounds. And hunters are incomplete without them. They do not assure hunting but escalate the chances significantly.


If you get lucky, you might need to grab the corpse, and you obviously cannot do that with bare hands. 

Spare batteries and odor killers

These are the additional items that are necessary for the perfect hunt. These assure your safety and also a smooth hunting environment.

Features of the best hunting backpacks for elk hunt and hunting in general

When you look for backpacks, you must keep into account some of the elemental features. The best hunting daypack under 100 inclusive of all the following features is a must-buy.


Dimensions and appearance of the backpack are decisive elements. Cubic inches are the measurement units. You may need to look for a backpack that is big enough to fit all your stuff in. All that glitters is not gold. This is extremely right about backpacks. People who have a craze for backpacks buy the first backpack they set their eyes on. However, this is not an ideal practice.

You must look for the right size and flexibility. If you know the gear you will be taking with you, it is a lot easier to look for the backpack because you are roughly familiar with the ideal size.

How are they designed?

Backpacks come in a variety of designs. On the whole, two basic components are checked for the right design — the frame of the backpack and its loading. Talking about the frame, there are three types of a backpack. The first one is the daypack, and it is without a frame. They are featherweight; they do not have a bulky design. But, they are not capable of carrying heavy stuff and are not spacious.

The second type is the one that has an internal frame. They are heavier in size. They are very close to the body and results in less ventilation, making them less preferable. However, they are very spacious and also support heavy loads. The third type is the external frame pack. They are heaviest of the three, also bulky. But these are ideal in space, ventilation, etc.

Hydration system

Many, not all, backpacks come with a hydration bladder storage. This is a useful feature in long errands. 


More pockets mean more comfort. You can easily put your stuff in distinct pockets, make it a lot easier to locate them when needed. You won’t have to go through the irritating procedure of searching the whole backpack and can get your required equipment from the pocket you kept it in. It is one of the basic features to choose any of the best hunting backpacks under 100.


Carrying around a backpack and a rifle can be hectic and burdensome. So opting for the hunting backpacks with rifle holder can be of great help. There are specific places usually at the sides of the backpacks for holding the rifles. If you are bow hunting, make sure that the backpack has a place to keep it, and you don’t have to lift it all along.


Waterproof hunting backpacks are usually the choice backpacks because they keep you from staying back in rainy seasons or keep your stuff safe in moist conditions.

Ammunition storage

Obviously, having a rifle or bow carrier is not enough; your backpack must have external storage pockets and dedicated ammo storage spots; otherwise, it’s useless.

As the checklist of must-have things and the essential features of top-rated hunting backpacks, let us narrow it down to our list of choice backpacks.


ALPS Outdoorz Commander Hunting Backpack Check Price
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest Check Price
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack Check Price
ALPS Outdoorz Trail Blazer Hunting Pack Check Price
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Hunting Backpack Check Price

ALPS Outdoorz Commander Hunting Backpack

This is a perfect choice for pro-hunting. With the shoulder and waist straps, it provides the ideal comfortability. The rifle holder is the cherry on the top. The best hunting backpack for elk hunt, the hunter can easily chase the prey as the backpack is quite comfortable to use.

It has a fold-out shelf, a rifle holder, and a back and a low spot for top loads to make you steady and sturdy. Its finishing is commendable and smooth, and the quality is guaranteed. It is an external frame backpack and has a secure lashing system.


Not too comfortable for short people, but a must-have as providing essential features.

  • A removable freighter frame
  • Internal divider and smartly designed pockets
  • Spacious
  • Strong
  • Top loading
  • Big enough for short people
  • It’s not durable
  • Straps are not made of a comfortable cloth
  • Not optimum for use – need adjustments.

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest

With a kickstand frame, it allows you to sit anywhere in the woods, making it one of the best hunting backpacks under 100. It has a thick and padded fold-away seat. And an additional phone sleeve, which distinguishes it from the rest. The waterproof hunting backpack comes with a lot of features like side loops, compression straps, and two bottle pockets. The shoulder straps are detachable.


If you like to hunt slowly and steadily, this backpack is surely for you.

  • Offered in various sizes and patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Padded seats
  • Detachable straps
  • Various camo patterns
  • Padded seat
  • Deep inside zippers
  • Very big for standard size
  • Not so comfortable for running
  • Not durable for long


Available in the universal backpack style, it is not too big and yet quite spacious, making it fan favorite and among the best hunting backpacks under 100. It has extra paddings and pockets. For example, the waist padding has two pockets to meet the needs of hunters and keeping his stuff like his phone close.

It is not waterproof, but it has a rain cover and hydration pocket, making it a top-rated hunting backpack.


Meeting the basic needs of any hunter, this is the backpack anyone would be comfortable with. With a reasonable price and high durability, it is among the best.

  • Many pockets, internal and external
  • Straps, shoulder, lower and chest, making it very comfortable
  • Flexible straps
  • Spacious and a different storage compartment for bow
  • Hydration ports
  • Only for hunting purposes
  • Cannot retain food sources for more than two days
  • Is not waterproof

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

This backpack has camouflage abilities and is a meat hauler. What else would a hunter need? It has an external T6 frame. It is both rifle and pistol compatible and is guaranteed for life. Includes a hyper vent suspension system. It is not totally waterproof, and spraying is necessary to keep the water out of it. With six pockets and two completely different compartments, it surely takes a spot on our picks for the best hunting backpacks under 100. It is also among the best hunting backpacks with a rifle holder as the holder is smartly designed.


It comes at a great price, and this is what makes it top-notch.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Many pockets
  • Durable material
  • Can hold up to 40 pounds of weight
  • Not waterproof
  • The straps are not comfortable
  • No water bottle pocket


It is small in size, have padded shoulders providing quick relief. It has integrated D-rings in the straps. The sternum belt makes it a lot comfortable for longer hunting trips. 


It has a lot of pockets, which make it a strong choice for the best hunting backpacks under 100 and must be considered when buying your choice backpack.

  • 20-liter pack
  • Organized camo capacity
  • Spacious
  • Hydration bladder pocket
  • Mesh pocket
  • Not durable
  • Too bulky
  • Not optimally designed

ALPS Outdoorz Trail Blazer Hunting Pack

It is light-weight and highly functional. Also, it is durable and honestly the best hunting backpack under 100. It has front lashing straps and can carry 41 liters of storage. The shoulder straps are padded. Included is a carry handle, which makes it all the more comfortable. It has an expandable pocket to carry your ammunition.


With impeccable features like a large main compartment, gun or bow holder, hydration compatibility, and an innate rain cover, this is the best backpack to carry around.

  • A PE frame sheet for support
  • Zippered pocket
  • Bar-tacked wedding are attachment points
  • It has a lashing system in the front
  • Bladder pocket is not available
  • Bottle pocket is not available
  • Can be too heavy

Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Hunting Backpack

Elegantly designed, this backpack offers the best support for hiking, running, and resting. It is military styled and has a storage capacity of 18 liters. This backpack can also be used for an overnight trip. It also has side pouches that are mesh and padded and can fit two one-liter bottles.


It is versatile enough to break the list of the best hunting backpacks under 100.

  • Smartly designed
  • Padded straps
  • Durable
  • Water bottle carrier
  • External webbing for attachment
  • Not spacious
  • Does not contain rifle holder
  • It is not waterproof


It has a comfortable shoulder strap system. It comes in the universal backpack style. Backpack is small and spacious. And has an additional waist strap for support. It has multiple attachment spots for your weapon. It is manufactured from a durable polymer.


It is on our list of the best hunting backpacks under 100 because of its startling features like an organizer for all of your stuff, a front zippered pocket for radios, keys, etc. and an adjustable sternum slider.

  • Multiple gear attachments with locks
  • Paracord style pulls,
  • Ultra-quiet zippers
  • Hydration compatible port
  • Two mesh pouches
  • A comfortable and durable strap system
  • No concealed pocket for gear
  • No reservoir
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