Best Rolling Backpack for College In 2021

Best rolling backpack for college

For the study, you have to face many difficulties. Learning and reading is not an easy task along with holding a backpack full of books to make your routine more hectic. This article is about the best rolling backpack for college

Backpacks are necessary for students who have to go to college, schools, and universities. You can keep all of your stuff at one place with full safety if you have a good quality backpack. Some of the college-going boys and girls like the rolling backpacks. Because they are easy to carry.

Backpacks help you to put less weight on your body, and the rolling backpack is specially designed for this purpose. Such backpacks can quickly be taken from one place to another by rolling them on the floor. These backpacks have rolling wheels that can move with very little force. Girls usually like to have hello kitty rolling backpacks that appear very beautiful and stylish.

Make yourself free from the load and enjoy this latest kind of backpack in different varieties. These are the best rolling backpack for college and make your life filled with comfort. So here, I am listing some of the Amazing Rolling Backpacks that college students should see. 

Best Rolling Backpacks for College

Let’s discuss the features of these wheeled backpacks in detail. I will be writing features, pros and cons and many other amazing things about these backpacks that you must know before purchasing. So keep reading till the end.

High Sierra Wheeled Backpack

This backpack is available in multiple colors with imported quality. It is made up of water-resistant material with extraordinary strength that makes it stronger to keep your all accessories in it. The backpack is composed of 600D Duralite fabric that has a special coating which makes it water-resistant and gear dry.

There are many pockets within this high sierra rolling backpack. There is a main pocket that has secure zip closing; Pen pocket is designed to keep small pens, pencils, and other stationery within it. To cover the backpack and to give it a classy look, there is a lid over the backpack with a strong hook that makes it entirely secure.

For keeping your laptop safe from damage, the backpack has a padded compartment just according to the standard size of laptops. This portion not only keeps your laptop safe but also protects it from environmental issues like rain, heat, etc.

On top of the bag, there is a dragging handle with which you can take this backpack easily anywhere. It is designed in such a way that it can be pushed down and you can hide it by the lid closing with zipping.

Top Features 

High Sierra rolling backpacks are very much elegant in appearance and very comfortable in use. With lots of compartments and pockets, these backpacks can be used for meeting and traveling purposes.

This backpack has many features like it has an easy drag and stop-wheeling system designed in the bottom that helps you to take this bag without wearing it. It has 20.87 inches in length, 8.0 inches in width with 13.5 inches in breadth. You can keep multiple items in separate sections, and it can save weight up to 6.12 lbs.

The polyester used in its making is weaved with great care to provide high strength and space to the backpack. A beautiful telescope handle is present that can extend like a suitcase. This handle helps to move the bag comfortably.

  • A large volume backpack with multiple compartments
  • the beautiful color range of high sierra backpacks
  • Comfortable to hold with telescope handle and secure wheeling system
  • The imported quality fabric used in its construction.

  • This wheeled backpack can be effected if run over uneven ground
  • Regular extending of the handle often jam its mechanism

JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

This is the best rolling backpack for college with a beautiful design and easy to hold handle. You can keep books, copies, register, laptop, and many other accessories within it as it has a large volume and multiple sections.

The backpack is made of 600D polyester that has a velocity of 420D. There is no need to hold this backpack over the shoulders because it has wheels that can keep it running very easily over the floor. JanSport backpacks are available in many colors and designs so that you can easily choose whatever you like.

Not only wheels, but it also has shoulder straps by which you can wear them when you want. A beautiful logo of JanSport is stitched on the front, and its zips also have written JanSport.

This backpack has a side net pocket to keep your water bottle out of the significant pockets and make it easily accessible. There is a handle over the bag that provides support to drag it. It is designed by considering the grip of the hand in mind so that you can quickly grab it in your hands.

If you have fewer loads in the backpack, you can hold it vertically as it has a strap over it. In short, you can make it a luggage bag, college bag, or traveling backpack whatever you want.

Top Features 

JanSport backpack has three main compartments. Two are significant sections for keeping large size objects like books, bags, and traveling stuff. The front pocket is short and gives a beautiful look to the backpack. Shoulder straps are padded so that you can easily carry this backpack.

You can keep a laptop in larger compartments because it has a separate padded section for it. The backpack has a wheeling system, and the wheels are fixed in the proper place so that it looks elegant.

JanSport offers lots of designs and colors for both males and females. You get multiple options to choose your favorite backpack if you are purchasing from JanSport.

Every zip of the backpack has an attached piece of fabric that helps to open and close the pockets. These zips also have a JanSport logo beautifully made on them to give it a perfect look.

Considering all the features of JanSport bags, it is concluded that these are the best rolling backpack.

  • Well organized backpack with pockets and sections
  • separate water bottle pocket
  • The wheeled backpack also with shoulder and upper strap
  • Durable, Stylish, and comfortable to carry and take.
  • The higher load will tear the upper strap if you hold this backpack with it.

J World Rolling Backpack for College

J World New York Sunny Rolling Backpack for School & Travel, 17...

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‘J world’ offers the most beautiful backpacks with unique color and design range. These backpacks are not only beautiful but also durable. Imported quality polyester is used in the making of these backpacks so that heavyweight material can easily be carried in these backpacks from one place to another.

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The backpacks are made up of high-quality polyester that gives it strength and durability. The fabric is made with beautiful black and traditional white pattern to make it a unique piece of art. It is entirely waterproof fabric with 600D durable polyester appears excellent with these designs.

These backpacks are available in more than 30 different colors with beautiful and stylish designs so that you are free to make your choice. There is a shoulder strap for holding a backpack over your back. A net pocket is made in the backside of it so that you can quickly add and get back your accessories.


There is a fascinating wheeling system attached to this luxurious backpack that will help you to take it easily from one place to another. These wheels are designed to bear the heavy load and keep it moving. That is why it is the best rolling backpack for college-going students who have lots of books, a laptop, and other items to take with.

Top Features 

The backpack is of 20*13*9 inches size. The larger size is perfectly suitable for carrying many items in one place. There is a special section for keeping a laptop. This portion is padded to resist sudden strokes and designed to hold the laptop within it properly.

The 20 inches high backpack is best suitable for keeping stuff of more towering height. There are many other pockets. Two of them are larger pockets, and there is one pocket on the front that has a pen holder, key fob, and a section for additional accessories.

The most important thing about this backpack is rust free locking that keeps your items secure in it. The shoulder straps have a slip-in system that helps you to adjust its size according to your requirement.

  • Beautiful and stylish backpacks with a wheeling system
  • Padded shoulder straps and laptop section
  • Rust free locking system
  • abundant space and many pockets for multiple items
  • The fabric is not waterproof and can be faded if you wash it regularly

4) High Sierra Unisex Powerglide Rolling Backpack for College

High Sierra XBT - Business Rolling Backpack, Black, One Size

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The backpack is undoubtedly unique in appearance and all features. High Sierra rolling backpack is a giant backpack with many different sections to keep the laptop, books, notes, clothes, and many other accessories within it.

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You can use this backpack for multiple purposes like traveling, forgoing college, etc., for business meetings, etc. The best part is its wheeling system that will allow you to drag this backpack over the ground by applying little force. But in case you have fewer loads in a backpack, you can wear it by using padded shoulder straps.

The appearance is very elegant and stylish. It is available in four different colors and designs, but Black color has its own grace. On the front, there is a logo made beautifully using white thread. Very classy white borders are made on the top and sides of the backpack to give it unique look.


It has multimedia compartmentalization. You have a padded section for a laptop, another pocket for other multimedia accessories.

It also comes with a headphone port so that you can enjoy music during traveling without disclosing its pockets.

Top Features 

High sierra rolling backpack has a capacity of 2350 inches divided into multiple pockets and sections so that your bag remains well organized. The overall height of the backpack is 17 inches so that you can add up as many items as you want.

A separate section for a laptop, a front pocket for nearby objects, two main compartments and dual zipping over every pocket make it a perfect backpack. Its zips are attached with great care, and they are free of resistance. Every time, when you open the backpack via a zip, it runs very smoothly and saves your precious time.

There is an upper handrail over for pulling the backpack very quickly. This handrail is very comfortable in holding a hand, and it can also move downward. Over this handrail, there is a lid cover with zip. Lid completely covers the handrail, and it appears like a perfect backpack.

High Sierra backpack with wheels makes it easy to carry from one place to another. You can use it for keeping your games, CDs, DVDs and play station within it. Make it a gaming backpack or use it for traveling.

  • The best backpack for college, business meetings, and traveling purposes.
  • Multimedia pocket, laptop section, and major sections
  • Wheeling system with comfortable handrail
  • Beautiful and stylish in appearance
  • Wheels and handrails can be affected if you use this backpack on uneven ground
  • The fabric is not waterproof so that material may be faded by rain or sunlight

5) Olympia Melody Rolling Backpack for College

Olympia Melody 19' Rolling Backpack, Black

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‘Olympia’ has introduced a beautiful range of backpacks. This Olympia Melody rolling backpack comes in five different colors, but the black one is classier. The fabric used in the making of this backpack is smooth and plain. It has waterproof texture to avoid environmental hazards.

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The telescope mono handle can be operated by using the button. There is no need to apply force for pulling up this handle, press the button to move in and out.

There is a short strap with a strong grip over this backpack to hold it vertically. The overall backpack is divided into three pockets. One is major pocket with padded laptop section while two front pockets are shorter and designed for keeping handy accessories within them.


The backpack with wheels having white zips on all pockets, that give a smart look with black and white color combination. There is a strong black plastic border at the bottom of the backpack. It avoids contact with the backpack with the floor. In my view, it is the best rolling backpack for college going girls and boys.

Top Features 

This is a larger backpack which is 19 inches high. You can keep your laptop and other heightened items very easily within this backpack. The high-quality wheeling system is built in this backpack to avoid slipping and keep the whole backpack balanced over the ground.

Olympia Melody backpack with wheels having dimensions 19*14*8. It means it has a large area for storage of your necessary items. The entire backpack is well organized with pockets. It has internal organizers designed to avoid mess within the bag.

If you want to make it student bag, you can use the shoulder straps that are padded to avoid back pain. This backpack has a smooth zipping and wheeling system. The fabric used for making it waterproof and protect the internal compartments and items from environmental issues.

  • Press button to move in/ out the telescope handle
  • Padded shoulder straps and laptop section
  • Best rolling backpack for college going students
  • Too much use of telescope button would affect the smooth working of it.
  • only two wheels are used instead of four that can be broken if the backpack glide over an irregular surface

6) High Sierra Unisex Chaser Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack (Atmosphere/Black)

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High Sierra rolling backpack has a variety of luggage. This 17 inches backpack has many features. It’s a larger backpack that can be used for taking it to school, college, and traveling. It can also be used for business meetings if you have too much stuff to keep within it.

The imported quality fabric used in making of, which provides support and durability and increases its life span. The overall capacity of this backpack is 36.5 L, which allow all your accessories to settle quickly within it.


This backpack with wheels having imported quality railing wheels that can also balance your items within the backpack. The shoulder straps are also made to hold the bag on your back with great comfort.

Multimedia pockets are not usually present in rolling backpacks, but it has this feature too. You can organize your headphones, Data cable, and other wires in separate sections to avoid a mess.

Top Features

High sierra rolling backpack has many different pockets. It has a side pocket for quick access to a water bottle. Front pockets have organizer to keep handy items within them. It has a larger pocket to keep other necessary stuff and a laptop section which is padded to avoid damage.

This backpack with wheels has many advantages. Drag the bag using telescope handle to take it from one place to another without bearing its weight. If you want to wear the backpack, use the padded shoulder straps, and avoid pain in back and shoulder.

The backpack is made up of good quality polyester that can resist weight-age and environmental effects. It gives the whole backpack a smooth and clean appearance.

  • Easy to carry on shoulders with padded straps
  • can also move with the help of wheeling system
  • Large, durable and stylish backpack with multiple pockets
  • Zips have a short piece of threads which often break if you apply too much force
  • Wheels are not designed to use on irregular ground.

7) Targus Compact Rolling Backpack College

Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for Business, College Student and...

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This is the best rolling backpack with many compartments. Keep your items well organized in the backpack and quickly access your stuff when needed. The compact wheels roll over the floor smoothly and balance the backpack over the floor

It has very comfortable shoulder straps that help to wear the bag over your back. A piece of plastic that has weight-bearing capacity is attached below the bag to protect the base of the backpack from tearing.


Straps have elasticity so that they can be adjusted according to the size of the shoulder. There is a strap over the backpack to hold up it in hand when you have fewer things in it.

Top Features 

This backpack has a large area to keep all the items in it. You can keep your laptop and tablet protected in the padded section. Smaller front pockets can be used for placing little things in them. These pockets have an organizer and key fob to keep everything on place.

The fabric is hard and tough and provides durability to the bag. It has a side pocket with zipping that will help to keep a mobile phone, Headphones, and other media devices. There is a little pocket on top of the backpack that is made for smaller sized items.

The backpack has made with great care, and it is the best rolling backpack for college students due to having large size and beautiful appearance.

  • Durable backpack with large sized pockets and sections
  • Easy to carry from one place to another with rolling wheels
  • comfortable shoulder straps
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • If you don’t use the backpack with care, it will not remain in the same working condition

Which is the Best Rolling Backpack for College among all these? 

All the backpacks listed above are the best rolling backpack for college. These backpacks are made with great care to keep all the requirements of the users in mind. Use these backpacks for multiple purposes like traveling, attending meetings. If you have too many files and documents, take it to the college and place your books and laptop in it safely.

These backpacks have the right quality fabric used in construction that gives them durability and long life span. Wheeling attached to the backpack provides a portable system to the whole bag and also keep your items balance. In short, these backpacks are undoubtedly helpful for taking heavy items from one place to another. And we have selected these backpacks with full care and a lot of research. So, every backpack is the best rolling backpack for college.

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