How to Play Basketball? (Rules of Basketball)

how to play basketball

Every other youngster is wondering how to play basketball. Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. It was first played around a hundred and twenty-five years ago. Basketball is pure entertainment. Playing basketball involves many things, mainly skills and talent. When you play it the right way, it can be a lot more fun, but when things get a little bit of opposite, you can hurt yourself or your teammate or your opponent. That’s why playing basketball with the proper knowledge and practice is very necessary. It also includes a lot of teamwork to play basketball properly. 

Things to know Before Learning How to Play Basketball

How to Play Basketball? (Rules of Basketball) 1

The key points and rules of basketball are not very difficult. By following some main tips that you’ll learn here, you can play basketball properly. 


You need to get the right gear for the game. The right equipment will help you in sports, and it will improve your game and help you prevent injury. 

  • The main gear for playing basketball is a good pair of basketball shoes. Good basketball shoes will help you in the running smoothly and also in preventing your foot from any injury. 
  • In basketball, it requires a lot of running and jumping. A good pair of basketball shorts will be needed to play basketball more professionally. 
  • A good basketball will be needed to practice your shooting skills and a basketball hoop if there isn’t a gym around you. 

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness in playing basketball is mandatory. If you are physically fit, there are fewer chances of injuries and any other accidents. You should do proper exercise and take a healthy diet to increase your stamina and boost your health. Start doing exercise at home regularly. 


Like any other sport, it’s essential to warm up your body before playing basketball. Warming up will help you playing basketball properly, and it will increase the performance of your muscles. Warming up also reduces the chances of injuries and prepares you mentally for the game. You must have to warm up for at least 20 minutes before the game. 

The Keypoints of  Playing Basketball

How to Play Basketball? (Rules of Basketball) 2 

Basketball’s main target is to score the points by throwing the ball in the hoop of the opposite team. You have to follow the basics that we are going to tell you to play basketball more professionally. 

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1. Dribbling

It’s one of the exceptionally main key points of basketball. It takes a lot of practice and dedication to dribble correctly like a pro. At first, start with dribbling between two hands by standing on a single position. Once you get comfortable with that, then start practicing these moves running down the court. Keep practicing on some very advanced dribbling skills so that it would be challenging for the defender to predict your move.

2. Running 

Basketball includes a lot of footwork and running. Because of playing in a small area, the fast movement is very much important. To do so, you must train your leg muscles only; then, there will be fewer chances of injuries. Place your foot very consciously and maintain the balance of your body. 


The defense of the team is the main point of the game. If the defense of your team is good, there will be less chance for the opponents to score the points against your team. The defensive players should work on their abilities on how to block the offensive players to score the point. The defense is the backbone of any team. All the team players must be good defensive players and increase their abilities in defense.

4. Agility

Agility and good footwork will make you a perfect basketball player. Without readiness, you cannot be as good as you should be. Without useful footwork drills, your basketball skills are incomplete. Some of the main footwork drills include mass defense drills, jump rope drills, foot ups footwork drills, v-cut, etc.

5. Ball Handling

Every game which includes the ball in it requires excellent handling skills. If you are not good at handling the ball, then you cannot be a great player. As in basketball, you must develop your skills in handling the ball. Only then can you be a good player.

6. Passing

As you know, basketball is a team game, so teamwork is significant in the game. You should always be focused on the ball and the other player and always be ready to catch the pass. There are different kinds of a pass in basketball. You must have to learn some tricks and skills for passing the ball, so there could be no chance for the opponent to steal your ball. 

7. Shooting

All the struggle and hard work will go to vain if you cant shoot correctly. For shooting the ball accurately, you should maintain your mental attitude, balance your body, control your feet, and maintain a stance. It would be best if you used the power of both arms and legs for a perfect shot.

If you want to learn more about how to play basketball then you should also watch this video below/

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